Satori Gardens and Satori Care

The Fund’s bids on a 100-acre golf course and former clinic have been accepted as the first step in a long-term plan to develop Satori Gardens and Satori Care as wholly owned subsidiaries to advance the mission and profitability of the fund.

Satori Gardens

Located south of McMinnville, Oregon on the Yamhill River, the former Bayou golf course will be converted to cultivate and showcase the healing properties of botanical medicines derived from common and exotic plants that have proven effective in treating chronic ailments for millennia. 40 acres will be devoted to growing patented strains of hemp in the first year with room to expand.

The property includes a 6,000 square foot southern-style mansion and 9,000 square feet of additional space ideal for hosting educational seminars and events to serve doctors, scientists, patients and policymakers by developing and administering treatments, and by engaging the brightest minds in holistic healing via seminars, symposiums and public education.

Satori Care

Adjacent to the Gardens is a former 22-bed clinic the fund will renovate and use as an outpatient treatment center. Both properties were once owned and developed by Dr. Byron A. White (1893-1963).  Dr. White practiced as a “bloodless surgeon” in McMinnville for 41 years, pioneering chiropractic treatments and pain mitigation technologies within the 22-bed “Happy Acres Clinic and Hospital” adjacent to his large colonial home.  Since his death the clinic has been operated as an outpatient clinic, an elder care facility, and as a church.

The Universal Labs Opportunity Fund see these properties as foundations of the funds mission as well as strategic assets that will enable success for the funds portfolio of businesses.