A Brief Story Highlighting Universal Labs’ Family, Vision, and Values

Andrew’s Cancer Spread to 96% of His Brain. He Says the Reason
He’s Alive Today is Cannabis Oil:

We would like to highlight a story for you of a life that is dear to us at Universal Labs.
Andrew is a master gardener & grower, a practicing Buddhist and a dear friend who has been selected to manage Satori Gardens, a planned botanical medicine development and education center under the Universal Labs Opportunity Fund umbrella.

Andrew celebrated his 57th birthday a week ago, despite multiple oncologists warnings that he had no more than 18 months to live back in 2005. Andrew had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma that had invaded 96% his brain, even with over a year’s aggressive chemotherapy treatment behind him. When his doctors seized further treatment and recommended palliative care, Andrew got creative and developed a custom-tailored regimen of THC oils (commonly known as Rick Simpson Oil) and other botanical-based medicines. He believes he is alive today because of these alternative medicines, and has dedicated his life to serving others suffering from the same or similar ailments.

This is one of many life stories we’ve heard and helped write from survivors of serious diseases.  People like Andrew give us inspiration; they teach and motivate our team to fulfill our mission at the Universal Labs Opportunity Fund.  We’re honored to have them among us and we want to especially thank and acknowledge Andrew today.  Without him and his wisdom and experience, and the support of our shareholders and partners around the world, we would simply be unable to bring to market botanical and probiotic medicines while furthering research, education, and care options for all of humanity.

One of our first major projects within the Universal Labs Opportunity Fund portfolio is the completion of a 100 acre working botanical garden in beautiful McMinnville, Oregon. With experts like Andrew and other master growers, botanists, chemists and scientists we can fulfill our mission to develop and showcase plants from all over the world that have been shown to be effective medicines, such as patented hemp strains to produce CBD oils targeted to specific cancer treatments. Thanks to these natural medicines, Andrew and others can be part of our family for many years to come.

We welcome your inquiries and continued interest as we develop new infrastructure around the Satori Gardens, including an on-site outpatient clinic and a conference center to host educational seminars for doctors, patients, and scientists from around the world coming to explore this new paradigm in healthcare.