It’s What We Do…

Details Matter

Utilizing an active VC approach, we apply a streamlined formula of management principles in our portfolio of companies.

Our initial investments are in companies and people we have a long history and relationship of trust in place.

Botanical Medicines

Satori Gardens

McMinnville, Oregon

Wholly owned subsidiary of the fund. Satori Gardens will be situated on 100+ acres of land along the Yamhill River. Once the site of a golf course, it will be converted to cultivate and showcase the healing properties of botanical medicines derived from common and exotic plants that have proven effective in treating chronic ailments for millennia

15,000 square feet of facilities will host educational seminars and events to serve doctors, scientists, patients and policymakers by developing and administering treatments, and by engaging the brightest minds in holistic healing via seminars, symposiums and public education.

American Bio Technologies, Inc.

Salinas, California

An agriculture solutions and technology firm, focused in the cannabis industry.

10,500 square foot laboratory strategically located in Salinas, CA. One of the largest internationally accredited testing labs in America. State mandated testing is the bottleneck in the cannabis and hemp industry, with excessive supply.

EBITDA positive by end of 2019.

Initial capital will fund additional testing equipment to meet demand and scale revenues over $20mm by 2020.

Plans to expand locations and apply technologies to broader industries of vertical farming and greenhouse growing.

Summit Life Sciences

McMinnville, Oregon

CBD Infused formulation in joint venture production/distribution.

THUNDERgro® products to increase plant yield and quality.

Targeted Pro-Biotics

Super Symbios Probiotics

Born from firsthand experience formulating a probiotic blend to target and cure metastatic melanoma.

Funding will improve commercial formula and begin production in 2020.

Immunotherapy & Cancer Treatment

Satori Care

McMinnville, Oregon

Wholly owned subsidiary of the fund. Adjacent to Satori Gardens.

Our clinic will utilize tried and tested holistic treatment plans, and incorporate the patented medicines developed and produced within our portfolio of companies, we will showcase the results and methods used to the world.

Universal Labs Opportunity Fund

A Life Sciences Tech Fund