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Universal Labs is a Life Sciences Technology Fund dedicated to accelerating the commercialization of botanical and probiotic medicines that have demonstrated real world efficacy preventing and treating chronic health conditions.


Life Changing Results

$50 Million

Series A Maximum


Years of experience


Minimum Investment

Botanical Medicines


Starting with a strong background and current enterprise value in the cannabis and hemp industries, we will fund expert teams operating high value testing and remediation services with plans to establish patented genomics, bioagriculture technology, and lifestyle and medical grade products.

Botanical medicines derived from cannabis and hemp plants have been known for thousands of years. Modern society is in the middle of a paradigm shift in attitudes to these healing plants, and the time is now to invest in trusted experts to shape the industry.

We are not limiting ourselves to only CBD and THC based medicines; although that is where the most potential currently resides, we will pursue any and all botanical endeavors to provide healing and wellness.

Targeted Probiotics


Emerging research continues to shed light on direct connections between internal bacterial microbiomes and immune health.

Our aim is to fund companies that identify and commercialize particular strains of probiotics to prevent and treat specific ailments such as melanoma, chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, PTSD, epilepsy, addictions, and more.

Immunotherapy &

Cancer Care Treatment


Our Fund aims to establish a world-class Immunotherapy and Wellness Center to research, develop, produce, administer, and showcase to the world non-invasive, radiation-free cancer treatments.

Millions of patients and leading oncologists have discovered the benefits of RSO, CBD, THC, T-cell, and Probiotic treatment regimens.  These “alternative” treatment methodologies are now coming of age and have been proven time and again to be more effective, less expensive and by far less invasive than chemotherapy and radiation.

Universal Labs has engaged several world-leading experts, outside of the “big pharma” paradigm, who have already demonstrated success with bona fide preventative and curative treatments and products.

We intend to provide a world-class facility and the resources to make these breakthroughs affordably available to millions.

Opportunity Of A Lifetime

Mission Driven

We aim to cure cancer. It’s that simple, and that ambitious.

With this audacious goal in mind we will make prudent investments that align with our mission.

Team Based

A unified team is greater than their sum.

Our fund managers invest in brilliant entrepreneurs, actively engage in the operations of our portfolio businesses, listen to our advisors and communicate with our investors to ensure alignment of universal values.

OZ Tax Benefits

The tax incentives of Opportunity Zone Funds align stakeholders on a ten year outlook. This is an ideal investment structure to see new ventures through to the exit phase.